What Is Required In A Denial?

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    Liner Legal is on a mission to educate our clients and their loved ones about the disability process. Today, disability attorney Andrew November explains what is required in your denial. While it may seem simple, a denial can be a key to appealing and winning the disability benefits that you deserve. If you are being denied short-term disability or long-term disability, the disability warriors at Liner Legal can help you! Andrew says there are a few things that MUST be in your denial, so you have the best chance to fight back!

    Here is what is required in your denial:

    1. Denial must be written
    2. Must be a specific reason
    3. Must reference specific plan provisions on which the determination is based
    4. Must include the internal guidelines & protocols that were relied upon

    If these items aren’t in your denial, Andrew says it is ILLEGAL. Not only is it your right to have a written denial with these key points, having these four things in your denial gives our attorneys a roadmap of how to win your case, and gives YOU another chance to win the benefits that you deserve.

    If you want Andrew to review your denial, contact us by clicking here. If you have any other questions about your disability case, click here.

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