Obtaining VA Benefits In Youngstown, Ohio

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We have helped disabled military veterans from all branches of the military obtain VA benefits in Youngstown, Ohio.
We can educate you about the process and the time frame, and prepare you for every step of the journey. We will definitely review and build your claim to make your case as strong as possible for review by the VA office in Youngstown, Ohio.

You may not know it, but your VA benefits start on the day you file your claim and are paid retroactively once your claim is approved, so it is important to go ahead and file your claim application as soon as possible. Don’t wait—it will reduce the overall benefit paid to you by the VA office in Youngstown, Ohio.

Perhaps you have already filed on your own and have been initially denied benefits, or perhaps you received a low disability rating. We are experts in the appeal process and will challenge those types of decisions by the VA office. We will even help you reopen an old case where the VA office in Youngstown, Ohio may have ruled against you. We will reopen cases where errors were involved, or where there is new evidence in support of your claim.

Get help with your case now! 

You are eligible for VA benefits in Youngstown, Ohio if you have a service-related disability. When you’ve served in the military, almost any injury or illness incurred in the line of duty is “service-related”. These injuries or conditions do not have to be related to combat duty or even other military duties, and certain physical or mental conditions are automatically presumed to be service-related: chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis, as well as tropical diseases like malaria, dysentery, filariasis, and cholera. Neurological diseases like ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease also automatically qualify.

Many more physical and mental conditions are considered for former prisoners of war (POWs), and Vietnam veterans (1962-1975) diagnosed with conditions related to Agent Orange exposure also get special consideration.

Veterans with disabilities caused by exposure to ionizing radiation, and Gulf War veterans likely exposed to chemical warfare are also especially considered and expedited through the process.

Indeed, the VA has greatly streamlined the approval process for these above-named conditions.

The local Youngstown, Ohio VA office handles local claims on behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and it is our goal to work on your behalf so that their office fully and fairly considers your claim.