The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Disability Attorney Michael Liner

Communicating with your Medical Providers

Disability Telephone Hearing Tips

Working and Applying for Disability Benefits

Disability Hearing Tips

What medical records will Social Security review in my disability case?

How to Prepare for a Phone Hearing – Part 1

How to Prepare for a Phone Hearing – Part 2

How to Prepare for a Phone Hearing – Part 3

Speaking in Absolutes During Your Disability Hearing

Not can I get a job, can I DO a job

Transparency with Drug & Alcohol Use

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

7 Secrets to Winning Social Security Disability Benefits

Will Payments be Reduced While Receiving Benefits?

Are Food Stamps Included As Earnings?

Caregiver Benefits

Can I Get Disability after Having COVID?

Can I have others in the room doing my telephone or video hearing?

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