Medical Professional of the Month – Dr. Adam Hedaya, M.D.

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    Dr. Adam Hedaya was in middle school when he knew his future would involve a career in the medical field. He is inspired by his father and uncle, both successful doctors.

    Dr. Hedaya’s childhood dream remained a strong influence in his life and led him to enroll at The University of Maryland to study neurobiology and physiology. After completing his undergraduate degree, he traveled to Israel to continue his education at Tel Aviv University, inspired by his Jewish heritage. Dr. Hedaya returned to the States and began his residency at Georgetown, where his surgical rotations sparked his interest in brain chemistry, psychology, and pain management.

    Following his time at Georgetown, Dr. Hedaya headed to Washington DC where he treated patients with Fibromyalgia and helped manage their chronic pain. It was at that time that he noticed the absence of pain management programs in hospitals, especially ones that focused on neurology and the brain. One opportunity led to another and Dr. Hedaya found himself starting pain management programs in hospitals all over Ohio.

    After multiple years of working in hospitals, Dr. Hedaya recognized things like nutrition, functional medicine, and unique treatment options were not accessible to every patient. In order to offer more dynamic treatment options for his patients, he decided to start his own private practice and Cleveland Pain Care (CPC) was founded in Westlake, Ohio.

    Many clients come to CPC after car accidents or sports injuries as well as adults with chronic pain seeking relief in non-traditional methods. Regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell injections make CPC a leader in pain management not only in Cleveland but in all of Ohio. Currently, they are researching medical cannabis and are working to form relationships with experts in order to provide cutting-edge pain treatment in the future. By “incorporating interventional pain therapies, regenerative medicine, and pharmacology”, the goal of CPC is to reduce pain, improve quality of life, and foster hope in all current and potential patients.

    When asked about his favorite part of being in the medical field, Dr. Hedaya expressed the amount of gratitude he has when realizing CPC has touched someone’s life. “I love when my patient comes back to the office and you can see it on their face- their life has been completely changed”, he explains.

    Dr. Hedaya understands that for many people, pain can become a part of everyday life. His advice for anyone suffering from chronic pain? “Don’t give up hope! There are providers that are trying to explore and push forward to find safe, reasonable, treatments that make sense and have scientific validity to them. All kinds of new treatments are on the horizon and CPC is always looking for different kinds of therapies to offer”.

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