What Makes a VA Disability Lawyer in Ohio Stand Out?

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    When you ask a VA disability lawyer what their most defining characteristic is, almost all will immediately say that it is their dedication to their clients. Lawyers all like to say that everything they do is for their clients, and that what truly gives them satisfaction is knowing that they helped someone receive the benefits that they need and deserve. Though this is a heartwarming answer, after hearing it over and over it can become difficult to tell which attorneys are actually the best for you. If all of them want to help you, what sets each one apart from the others? Thankfully, there are certain characteristics in attorneys that you can look for to tell which is the best for you. Here’s what makes a VA disability lawyer in Ohio stand out:

    1. Knowledge of the law

    This is crucial for any attorney, but there is a difference between knowing the law and understanding how to use it to your best advantage to win a case. You can tell which attorneys know the law and which ones really know it by asking one simple question: what sets Ohio apart from the rest of the country when it comes to VA disability benefits, and which local laws will impact your disability claim? The best disability lawyers will explain how your location in Ohio will specifically impact your benefits or your chances of receiving them. This is different from just having a generic knowledge of how disability law works.

    2. Dedication and perseverance

    These two traits are a bit more difficult to tease out of someone upon first meeting them, but after working with your disability lawyer for a few weeks you can definitely tell whether they possess the dedication and perseverance that makes a VA disability lawyer in Ohio stand out. Gathering evidence and going through the appeals process is not easy, and attorneys should be prepared to not give up easily.

    3. Genuine care

    This goes back to what was said earlier – attorneys all say that they are working in your best interest. However, you can tell genuine care apart from businesslike politeness, so look for small gestures that show your lawyer is interested in your case and wants to help you.

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