Letter from the Founder: 20/20 Vision

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    20/20 is a vision year for Liner Legal, no pun intended. From humble beginnings in 2013 to a regional powerhouse disability law firm in 2020, it has been an incredible ride. At the dawn of a new decade, I was asked recently by someone close to me where I see things ten years in the future. I closed my eyes. I thought about what type of law firm I would want to work with if I was going through the disability processes we assist with and where I could have the greatest IMPACT.  Here is my 20/20 vision plan for Liner Legal:

    1. With increased political pressure on the Social Security disability programs, I am committed to finding ways to help people going through disability redeterminations or cessations get quality legal representation.

    In the past few years, Social Security has been increasingly successful in cutting beneficiaries from the disability programs by ordering consultative examinations from self-interested physicians to help demonstrate medical improvement. Very few lawyers assist people with these cases, but Liner Legal is actively working on solutions to reduce the existing barriers to helping these clients and offering our assistance.  

    2. We will expand our philanthropic and community-first footprint throughout Ohio.

    On the heels of our successful Largest Loser program in 2018, in late 2019 we launched The Stephen Project, a crowd-funding initiative to raise money for 18 non-profits in Northeast Ohio. More than just a law firm, I see Liner Legal as a vehicle for creating positive change in the communities we serve. We will continue to launch creative new programs that encourage health, wellness, and financial security for both our clients and everyone around us.

    3. We will continue to provide useful content and educational materials to the public through our website, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms.

    At a recent meeting with a new client, I asked my client why he chose to hire our firm over other capable options. He responded that when he was looking for information online, other law firms he researched teased him with half or partial answers to his questions about the disability process. But when he looked at our YouTube videos, he felt we told him basically everything he needed to know. It gave him confidence that working with Liner Legal, he would be working with lawyers who really understood how to help him through his difficult case.

    4. We will expand our Liner Legal “toolkit” by offering additional in-house services to clients, and continue to set ourselves apart as a true full-service disability law firm.

    When our clients are out of work, many needs open up in their lives. We have long been able to patch these holes by making referrals to agencies that assist with housing, Medicaid, SNAP, utility assistance and other public welfare benefits. We also endeavor to help our clients pick the best Medicare plan after receiving SSD benefits and make conscientious referrals to other lawyers who can assist through difficult situations like bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt relief. But what would really set us apart is if we brought some of these services in-house and anticipated our client’s needs rather than just patched their holes. In the coming year, I plan to investigate adding a “client care manager” to the office who will proactively work with our clients to help them avoid many of the circumstances that lead to homelessness, food insecurity, and other harsh realities faced by my clients. 

    Our story so far has been an incredible one to author. The next chapters will only be better.