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    Founded in 1962 by Donald Seeley, Seeley Medical went from one man’s desire to continue his career in the medical field to a third-generation “full-service home medical equipment company” serving the majority of Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

    As the polio vaccine slowly eliminated his job, a passionate Iron Lung mechanic found himself displaced and needing work. Because of his strong existing relationships with hospitals and medical providers, Donald transitioned to the Home Medical Equipment (HME) field to continue his career.

    Being in the HME industry means that Seeley Medical works with doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities to transition patients from those settings to their homes. They strive to provide all the necessary equipment and supplies needed for a person to safely transition to a more comfortable environment and provides care for a wide range of people- from newborns requiring 24-hour ventilation to 100+-year-olds with minor mobility issues.

    Seeley Medical covers three major categories of health care items: respiratory and sleep therapy (oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP, ventilators), medical supplies (enteral nutrition, incontinence supplies) and orthotics (back braces, knee braces, etc.). Seeley also offers monthly medical supplies to assist with urological and wound care.

    Although Seeley Medical, like many companies in the HME industry, is proud to be compassionately patient-focused, their distinguishing characteristic lies in their culture. Passionate about empowering employees, Seeley encourages hires to take control of their career goals to achieve a high level of success, both personally and professionally. Part of this process includes tasking new hires to become “ASK for Action” certified. The certification involves completing a variety of tasks such as interviewing each member of the management team and identifying and closing knowledge gaps through written action plans. 

    Anthony LaCute, proud grandson of founder, Donald Seeley, has been involved with the family business for as long as he’s been able to walk. From cutting grass at their corporate location to licking envelopes and sweeping the warehouse, Anthony’s passion and ambition carried him through the ranks to become the President and CEO.

    Aligning with Seeley’s mission of “enhancing each patient’s quality of life”, Anthony’s favorite part of his job is “providing a challenging, rewarding, positive, and stable work environment for my employees and the families that depend on them”. He’s proud to be a resident of Northeast Ohio and believes in the devoted community of providers, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals in the area. “When you work with like-minded community members, all striving towards a common goal, the likelihood of achieving amazing patient outcomes is greatly improved.”

    Seeley Medical has locations in Andover, Akron, Elyria, Euclid, and Poland, Ohio.