How to Get Disability for Muscular Dystrophy

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    Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscular Dystrophy is an illness that causes a person to experience weakening and degeneration of the muscles that are necessary for movement, as well as their skeletal system. There are over 30 types of muscular dystrophy. Sometimes, the condition can be diagnosed during adolescence; other times, it does not become noticeable until the person has reached their late 30s. There are some common symptoms that most of those affected by this disease will experience, such as cataracts, heart problems, insulin resistance, muscle weakness, and more. Visit the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s website, if you would like to learn more about this medical condition.

    Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

    Currently, there is no cure for muscular dystrophy. There are no treatments that can reverse this condition, but there are things that can be done to slow the condition and strengthen the skeletal system. Drug therapy includes things such as antibiotics that help with respiratory infections, anticonvulsants that help treat involuntary muscle contractions and seizures, and many more. Physical therapy keeps the muscles flexible and strong. Speech and respiratory therapies help slow the person’s breathing and talking so that facial muscle weakness takes longer to occur. Corrective surgery happens so that symptoms like cataracts can be removed. Lastly, occupational therapy usually happens after corrective surgery so that the patient can use things like wheelchairs.

    If you are currently seeking treatment for muscular dystrophy in Cleveland, Ohio or Akron, Ohio, you should contact the following places: MetroHealth, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, and/or Akron Children’s Hospital.

    Applying for Disability for Muscular Dystrophy

    Applying for a disability for muscular dystrophy does not have to be a daunting task. As soon as you are aware of your disability, you should begin the application process for disability benefits. You can apply for disability online or via the phone. There are disability application starter kits that are available to help you get approved. However, before you are approved, the Social Security Administration will judge your disability claim according to the Blue Book. In Section 11.13 of the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, muscular dystrophy can be found. Some forms of muscular dystrophy will qualify you for a compassionate allowance. If you do not receive a compassionate allowance, you need to be sure to emphasize the limitations you face on a daily basis due to your medical condition. If approved, your benefits will not begin until you have been disabled for six months, so make sure that you are able to continue having a stable income until your disability benefits become available.