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    Liner Legal, LLC is passionate about serving the community and giving back. That’s why we’re offering a new community program called Liner Legal in the Classroom aimed at providing support for teachers of children with special needs. Below you’ll find the teacher project request form.

    According to The New York Times, 94% of U.S. teachers spend their own money on school supplies every year. Of that 94%, a study by Scholastic found teachers spent an average of $530 out-of-pocket to purchase classroom supplies in 2016.

    Liner Legal will reimburse these requests on a rolling basis and will spend up to $50 per project submitted. Included with the request should be a description of the project and an itemized list of supplies needed. In June 2019, Liner Legal will compile the projects into a digital book for distribution to special needs classrooms in Ohio. We request that teachers send photos of the classroom activity and completed projects to

    In order to qualify:

    • Must be a teacher working in a special needs classroom
    • Must be employed at a school, learning center, or educational establishment in Ohio
    • $50 maximum reimbursement per teacher

    The inspiration behind Liner Legal in the Classroom comes from founder Michael Liner’s wife. While working as a mental health counselor in inner-city Cleveland with underprivileged children, she spent thousands of dollars out-of-pocket each year on expenses to benefit the children she counseled. Michael realized this problem and wanted to do something to encourage teachers and other underpaid professionals to continue to make a positive impact.