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Social Security Disability Benefits in Sandusky, Ohio

Social Security Disability Benefits in Sandusky, Ohio

If you’re looking for information on Social Security Disability in Sandusky, Ohio, Liner Legal can help you.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two programs: SSDI for regular disability benefits, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is designed to help low income, elderly and disabled people with basic food, clothing and shelter needs.

Perhaps you have suffered a recent illness or injury and you’re not able to work. You may be entitled to these benefits. And if you qualify, you should use them, because the benefits are there to ensure that you and your family are provided for if you can’t work.

Who qualifies for these benefits, and how does the Social Security Office in Sandusky, Ohio determine eligibility? There are two main requirements. First, you have to have worked long enough in your lifetime to qualify for Social Security. Second, the state must determine that you meet the qualifications for disability. If you have a terminal illness or a medical condition expected to last more than a year, you can file a claim. The SSA’s main criterion is that your medical condition is preventing you from performing a job that can support your family.

At Liner Legal, we can help you through the process. The overwhelming majority of people who receive SSA benefits are disabled workers. We can help you file a claim, particularly after an accident when you have so much else to worry about. We also know those medical conditions, like blindness or deafness, which will automatically qualify you for benefits to be paid even while your paperwork is being processed. If you’re a military veteran, the process is slightly different and you may qualify for additional benefit. We can help with that too. Dependent children are eligible for benefits as well, and if you have disabled children, we can help with those benefits too. We are here for your whole family and will help you determine the programs for which you qualify so that you can support your family during your illness.

In Ohio, approximately five percent of the state population receives some type of SSA benefit, and most are middle-aged (55 to 64). With a population of nearly 26,000 in Sandusky, this means that around 1,300 people likely qualify for benefits.SSA is a federal program, and certain states provide additional monthly financial assistance. Ohio does offer this supplement, and the amount is based on your living situation, e.g. whether you live at home, in a medical care facility, or other living arrangement.

The formula for determining how much financial assistance you receive is fairly complex, and dependent on current income, historical income, living arrangement, and other benefits you might be receiving, like Worker’s Compensation payments from your employer or military benefits.

Don’t sweat it. You are not alone and you don’t have to figure out all of this on your own. Call Liner Legal today to determine your social security disability benefit in our great town of Sandusky, Ohio. We are here for you!

We have the patience and the perseverance to pursue your claim, and that’s why local community health organizations have chosen Liner Legal as a preferred provider. Many of our current Sandusky clients were referred to our office by other satisfied clients in our great town. We’re here to help the great residents of Sandusky, and we want you as a client too, so call us today.