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Co-counsel and other injury-related fields of law

Referring counsel and co-counsel

Liner Legal, LLC is proud to serve as co-counsel with many prominent law firms throughout the United States on Social Security Disability cases. Our knowledge and experience can benefit the client by maximizing his or her recovery while also benefiting the lawyer who referred us the case.

We recognize the importance of working with other lawyers on a co-counsel basis, and we believe that these attorneys who refer us business are doing a great service to their clients by involving us in their representation.

We believe attorneys who refer business are doing a great service to their clients and themselves.

attorneys who refer business

    Other injury-related fields of law

    Because we focus on Social Security Disability and other injury-related fields of law, we frequently refer cases to lawyers in other practice areas:

  • Family/divorce law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Trusts and estates
  • Criminal law
  • Real estate law
  • Corporate law

    Attorneys, Build a Partnership with Liner Legal Today!

    We welcome referrals and encourage you to contact us today at 216-282-1773 or mliner@linerlegal.com if you are interested in building a reciprocal business relationship with our firm. We will gladly discuss any matter with you.

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