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Social Security Disability Lawyers in Canton Ohio

Social Security Disability Lawyers in Canton Ohio

Social Security Disability Lawyers in Canton Ohio

Liner Legal’s Canton office is available by appointment only. Contact us today at 216-282-1773 so we can hear about your case and set up a time to meet. Filing for Social Security disability can be a challenge, but our experienced attorneys at Liner Legal are here to help you.


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You may have heard of a disability attorney. But, do you really know what one does? Of course, a disability attorney will represent you in court during your disability case, but there is so much more that is involved. Take a look at all the services a disability attorney can offer.

Reviewing medical records

Your medical records are an integral part of your disability case. Social Security disability attorneys know how to review and interpret the information in your medical records. Not only that, they can take the information and use it to build a strong case that will help you get the benefits you deserve.

Communicating with medical providers

Even though you may have a good working relationship with your medical providers, the truth is that when it comes to tasks like requesting medical records for a disability case, doctors are reluctant to respond to patients. However, disability attorneys have a knack for talking to medical providers and obtaining records in a timely fashion. A disability attorney will also interview your medical providers to get professional accounts of your condition that can also be used in court to help win your case.

Helping you fill out your application

Many disability benefits applications are denied because they are incomplete, inaccurate or simply filled out wrong. A disability lawyer will help you fill out your application to make sure it is complete, accurate and has everything it needs to be approved.

Guiding you through the process

There is no rule or law that states that you must hire a Social Security disability attorney to represent you for your disability case. However, it is a wise idea to do so. Disability attorneys are well versed in the process so they know everything that needs to be accomplished to have a successful outcome. They know the questions the judge will ask so they can thoroughly prepare you for your day in court. It is a proven fact that hiring a lawyer automatically increases your chances of having your request approved the first time.

Helping you through the appeals process

If your case is denied the first time, a disability attorney will help you through the appeals process as well. This is important, as this process can take a long time and is often frustrating.

Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio is a thriving metropolis of almost 72,000 people. During the course of a single year, thousand of people may apply for disability benefits. Many of the applications are denied for reasons such as incomplete or inaccurate medical records; not using a lawyer or advocate; or not following the treatments prescribed by a doctor.

Liner Legal can Help

If you are in need of a disability lawyer in the Canton area, you can count on Liner Legal for whatever you need. The staff is knowledgeable and experienced in every facet of disability law. Whether you need help applying for benefits, appealing a decision, getting VA disability benefits or simply have a question, we are here to help the wonderful people of the greater Canton, Ohio area.

Why Canton?

Liner Legal serves the greater Canton area because we truly believe the fine citizens here deserve the best and most attentive legal representation. We strive every day to work hard to serve the people of Canton they way you deserve. We sincerely want to earn your business and your trust.

For more information about how Liner Legal can help you, contact us today at 216-282-1773 or mliner@linerlegal.com