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Introducing the Liner Legal App

 Our Commitment to Our Clients

Liner Legal was built with the promise of putting our clients and community first. Although most law offices have traditional “business hours”, our office is aware that our clients have needs 24/7, and we are committed to implementing new technology that allows us to serve you day or night, weekday or weekend.

The Liner Legal App

Liner Legal appWe are excited to announce that the newest technology we have added is the Liner Legal app for your smartphone, as well as your tablet. The app is now available. To download the Liner Legal app, simply text “SSD” to 36260, and you will instantly receive a link to add the app to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Social Security disability cases are long and confusing. However, with this app, the process will be easier and our office will be more accessible to our clients. A few of the features found within our app include:

1. The ability to update us on any medical treatment, change in contact information or employment status during the course of your case.

2. The ability to paperlessly complete and electronically sign the client forms we need to process your case.

3. Shortcuts to our blog and social media sites, as well as videos that answer frequently asked questions about the disability process.

4. The ability to share the app and leave us a review.

5. A  map with directions to our office.

We are committed to serving our clients. The Liner Legal app will help to keep our law firm at your fingertips.

“Just because you have a mental health condition doesn’t mean you are crazy.” This is what Cassandra Skul, a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), wants people to know about mental health, an often-misunderstood topic. She explains that with proper treatment there are solutions, although they may not always be perfect. “I’m not giving up on [my patients],” she says. “As long as [they] keep coming, we will try to figure this out.”

SkulCassandra is a dedicated and passionate nurse practitioner at ViaQuest, where she sees a wide range of patients. Among her typical community of patients she helps people with anxiety, depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia. In addition, she has two specialities: geriatrics and the developmentally-disabled population. Twice a week she visits patients who are in a nursing home. ViaQuest also runs group homes and residential services for those who have an underlying intellectual disability.

The ViaQuest Community

ViaQuest is a smaller organization, which means that Cassandra can spend quality time with her patients and get to know them. She takes the time to find the right diagnosis and to assess which treatment methods work and which do not. There are a multitude of resources in her office. Individuals can also see their case manager and counselor within the same location.

The patients Cassandra sees sometimes are not only dealing with a mental disability, but also a comorbid (occurring at the same time) physical issue. She finds that in her community of patients there is a lot of chronic pain. Physical pain can impact your mental health, and can be an underlying cause of an inability to work.

Cassandra strives to help people achieve their personal goals, whether it is to make it to their weekly meetings or to help get them back to work. “People think that people who don’t work are just lazy, and they don’t realize what an emotional impact not working has on somebody,” she says. “There are people I’ve had who weren’t working who were able to go back to work, which is what they wanted to do and had the capability of doing.” Her job gives her the opportunity to change people’s lives.

If nothing else, she urges her patients not to give up. “Keep coming and keep trying,” she says. “If it’s not a good fit with one provider, try another”. Nurse Practitioner Skul knows the resilient Cleveland spirit which the community has. “We are friendlier. We’re tough and we’re gritty. We can take a beating and we still keep going.”

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Liner Legal November 2017 Community Involvement

Liner Legal would not be where we are today without our community, which is why we take any chance to get involved and give back. Check out what we are participating in, as well as how you can join!

Toast of the Town – Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

November 2017 Community InvolvementOn November 18, Liner Legal sponsored the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation – Northeast Ohio Chapter’s Toast of the Town event at the Ariel International Center. This is the 5th year for the wine-related fundraiser, and this year had the mission of “Giving Thanks for Finding a Cure.” Although families have their own Thanksgiving and holiday traditions, the Crohn’s & Colitis started a tradition of getting the community together to be thankful that a cure for IBD is not very far away.

Volunteering at the Community Assessment & Treatment Services

November 2017 Community InvolvementAttorney Michael Liner volunteered at the Community Assessment & Treatment Services (CATS) treatment facility on Thanksgiving. Liner Legal is thankful for any opportunity we get to give back to our incredible community.

The Lupus Foundation of America – Greater Ohio Chapter’s 40th Anniversary

November 2017 Community InvolvementThe Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter is celebrating their 40th Anniversary! As part of their celebration, the chapter is holding a 40-day fundraiser until Dec. 10 in hopes to raise $40,000! They are accepting donations in increments of $4, $40, as well as $400. All of the funds will go directly to lupus research. Furthermore, for more information check out their Facebook page or call 1(888)-NO-LUPUS!

Epilepsy Association’s 2018 Winter Walk

November 2017 Community InvolvementThe Epilepsy Association’s 2018 Winter Walk will be held on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 from 8:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m. at SouthPark Mall in Strongsville. Additionally, each year the Winter Walk headlines a Featured Family and nominates them for their commitment and courage in coping with epilepsy. The Walk is a fun, indoor walk with entertainment, raffles, door prizes, give-a-ways and many family-friendly activities. Registration, as well as fundraising began in mid-October. For more info go to their website.


Uber’s American Sign Language Tool

Do you know how to say “hello” or “goodbye” in American Sign Language (ASL)? What about how to sign your name in ASL? It is easy to learn simple conversation in ASL, thanks to Uber. Uber launched an easy-to-use online resource to teach riders how to communicate with their deaf or hard-of-hearing drivers.


To access this incredible feature, all users have to do is visit their site and start learning! Simply type in your name, and the program takes you to a screen where you can learn a variety of simple phrases in ASL. These include: “Hello,” “Thank You,” “Turn Left,” and, of course, how to spell your name. Pre-recorded videos and photos of the phrases are provided to create a user-friendly platform to learn the language.

ASL UberRay Wilson, a Deaf Uber driver, loves to drive around the city and suburbs of Cleveland finding back roads for quick trips. Wilson uses Uber’s useful texting feature to communicate with passengers, and has had any only one instance where there was an issue with communication. Being a driver for Uber started out as a second job for Wilson, but quickly became his full-time occupation. “I love to drive, so I gave an Uber job a try,” he says. “Since then I love my job.”

Uber also provides flashing tip requests, text-only communication, and notifications for riders to know they have a Deaf or hard-of-hearing driver. Uber’s newest resource, their American Sign Language tool, is a new way to start a conversation between rider and driver.

Does Medicare open enrollment confuse you? You are not alone, and we are here to clear up any uncertainties. As a Social Security disability firm, we have a direct link to Medicare. Clients who receive disability benefits for a two year time period are automatically enrolled into Medicare. Except for enrolling in Medicare for the first time, the time period of Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 is the open enrollment period to re-evaluate your current Medicare plan. Therefore, this is the time to find the best 2018 health coverage for yourself.

Medicare open enrollment

What are the Medicare open enrollment options?

The health coverage that Medicare covers comes in four parts.

• Part A: Hospital Insurance
• Part B: Medical Insurance
• Part C: Medicare Advantage Plan
• Part D: Prescription Drug Plan

Typically, when you first qualify for Medicare, you are enrolled in Parts A & B. This program is original Medicare and is government run. You can then decide if you want to change plans, and convert to a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), which has options from private insurers. You also have the option of a drug and medical combination policy.

What if I have a low income?

For those people who have low incomes, they may qualify for a subsidy. A subsidy would cover the cost of premiums of certain drugs plans and other costs.

What can I do during open enrollment?

During the open enrollment period, there are many choices to choose from once you’ve compared your current plan, to other plans available to you on the market. These include:

• Deciding to do nothing, and keep your current Medicare medical and drug coverage.
• Switching from an original Medicare plan to a Medical Advantage plan, and vice versa.
• Changing the type of Medicare Advantage plan you are currently on; or
• You can add, drop, or change your Part D coverage.

Whichever plan you choose during this open enrollment period, the new coverage will begin January 1, 2018.

I still have questions, who do I contact?

If you still have questions about the best plan for you, or information on Medicare in general, contact our office today. We can help direct you to an expert on this matter and get you the coverage that is the best fit for you. Furthermore, call us at 216-282-1773 or email us at mliner@linerlegal.com