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Free Legal Advice Clinic for Low-Income Individuals

When you are in need of legal advice and a lawyer, it can be a stressful time if you don’t know where to start. The Jewish Federation of Cleveland wants to help make this process easier.

The organization is hosting a Free Legal Advice Clinic for low-income individuals on Sunday August 27, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.

Legal Advice Clinic Details

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland provided information on the event, which includes:

  • The Jewish Federation of Cleveland is partnering with Gesher and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland to offer this event where people can seek out free legal advice.
  • People can either walk-in or set up an appointment prior to the event to speak with a lawyer. Legal advice on civil matters is offered during the clinic. Civil matters include landlord/tenant disputes, family issues, or employment disputes. Any discussions held during the event between a lawyer and attendee is strictly confidential.
  • IMPACT! will provide Pro Bono guidance. This is a program provided by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.
  • Attorneys present at the event are there to give brief advice and referrals only. The attorneys at the clinic are NOT representing you. The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland or another service provider can refer you to legal representation if you need it.

If you are interested in making an appointment call 216-593-2887. The event also indicates that people should complete an interest form, found at http://www.jewishcleveland.org/news/event_rsvp/free_legal_advice_clinic/

It is also advised that you bring any important papers with you!

The event is at Green Road Synagogue. The address is 2437 South Green Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44122.

Additionally, if you or anyone you know needs legal advice or legal representation for social security benefits, supplemental security income, long-term disability or Deaf and other advocacy claims, don’t hesitate to contact Liner Legal right away! Call us at 216-282-1773 for a free consultation.

Summer Food Service Program 

The Ohio Department of Education is sponsoring a Summer Food Service Program where kids eat free. No registration is required for kids to take part in this service.

Summer Food

Children who are ages 1 through 18 are eligible to receive free meals during the summer months. Those who are 19 through 21 are also eligible if they are identified as having a mental or physical disabilitty and are on an Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with their enrollment in educational programs.

Eligible children will receive healthy meals, with options for both breakfast and lunch. For more information about the program call 1-866-348-6479. In addition, you can view the map of locations at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Other-Resources/Food-and-Nutrition/Summer-Food-Service-Program#map

There are many locations hosting the Summer Food Service Program and they include:

  • Arlington Christian Academy: 539 S Arlington St Akron, OH 44306
  • Imagine Akron Academy: 2405 Romig Rd Akron, OH 44320
  • Various other locations in and around the area.

Looking for an activity to go to this week? Make sure you stop by the Cleveland ADA Fest & Healthy WOW! Night hosted this Wednesday, July 26 at the Wade Oval. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

What is the ADA?

Under this law people cannot be discriminated in areas of public life, which includes employment, state and local government services and programs, transportation, and all places that are open to the general public. The ADA establishes that the same rights and opportunities are available to everyone, including those who have a disability.

The annual fest is an opportunity for the community to come and celebrate the legacy the Americans with Disabilities Act has held since 1990. Liner Legal, LLC will be represented at the fest, as a community partner for the event.

Cleveland ADA Fest
Photo provided by: Cleveland ADA

The festival begins at 4:00 p.m. and starts off with a carnival and resource fair. Our firm will have materials to pass out to the community during the resource fair. The WOW! Concert kicks off at 6:00 p.m. and goes until 9:00. In between the music, Zumba and raffle drawings are available to partake in.

The fest will provide a multitude of accessibility services for anyone who needs it. Interpreters will be present during the entire event for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Additionally, power chair charging stations, accessible seating areas and other services will be available

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn more about the Cleveland ADA and the resources available to you in the Cleveland area, and stop by the ADA fest. The address is 10820 East Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44106. Multiple parking and shuttle options are available for those who attend the event. Liner Legal hopes to see you there this Wednesday!

For more information go to http://www.adacleveland.org/

social security benefits for non citizens

The trustees who oversee the Social Security benefits program projected a 2.2% cost-of-living increase for recipients next year. This is the biggest raise seen for beneficiaries in the past six years.

How does the increase affect recipients?

This increase means about $30 extra a month for recipients. Last year’s increase was only 0.3%, which resulted only $5 extra a month. The average monthly assistance for disabled workers is $1,171 a month.

There are approximately 62 million Americans who receive Social Security. In October, trustees will announce the official cost-of-living increase.


Last week, engineer students at University of California San Diego created a glove with the capability to translate the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet. This “smart glove” is able to translate finger movements to text and wirelessly sends the letters to a phone or computer, according to an article by The Sacramento Bee.

How does it work?

The glove works by detecting movements in the knuckles of the hand using sensors. The device has an accelerometer to track motion. There is also a microprocessor on the back of the glove that converts the information of the electrical signals that the sensors pick up to letters.

American Sign Language

Gloves with the ability to translate ASL already exist. However, this design is unique because it is stretchy and moves the way skin and hands do.

The students created the glove for under $100. Due to its low cost, they are hoping it will eventually become a commercial product. They are already working on the next version of the glove. Their intention is to have it detect pressure and translate more advanced ASL.

Ohio was one of the 26 states that offered General Assistance programs for people with low-incomes, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. However, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announced earlier this month that the Disability Financial Assistance Program (DFA) will end on December 31, 2017. The DFA provided up to $115 a month in cash assistance for those who met the income-based and medical requirements.

Disability Financial Assistance Program

Who uses DFA?

To qualify for DFA, people had to meet the same medical requirements the Social Security Administration requires. DFA paid for a one-time medical consultation to see if they qualified. In addition, individuals must:

• Be disabled, with a physical or mental health problem. This issue must prevent them from working.
• Go 9 months without being able to work. Or they have a serious condition that could cause death and they cannot wait 9 months.
• Have $1,000 or less in resources.
• Be an Ohio resident.
• Not receive Supplement Social Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance or Ohio Works First assistance

Additionally, some people benefitted from the DFA program while they waited for income from other sources, including Social Security. Disabled and low-income persons received DFA and relied on the cash assistance. As a result of the program ending, those individuals will lose that assistance each month.

What does this mean for current DFA recipients?

The Clark County Department of Job & Family Services released the following statement about the program ending:

“The Disability Financial Assistance Program (DFA) is a state and county-funded program, which provides cash assistance to persons who meet DFA program requirements and who are ineligible for any financial assistance program supported in whole or in part by federal funds (e.g., Ohio Works First (OWF), Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)). In accordance with Section 812.40 of the Ohio Revised Code, the DFA program is being repealed; State funding will no longer be available and the program will end effective December 31, 2017.”

As of July 1, 2017 any new applications or reapplications for DFA will be denied. Current recipients of the Disability Financial Assistance Program will be phased out between now and December 31, 2017. Recipients will receive a letter notifying them of the termination of the program.”

The attorneys at Liner Legal have years of experience providing effective and dedicated legal services to disabled persons. If you are applying for Social Security benefits, it is important to pick an attorney who gives you the best chance of receiving what you are entitled to. For a free consultation on your case, call us at 216-282-177.