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What Makes a VA Disability Lawyer in Ohio Stand Out?

When you ask a VA disability lawyer what their most defining characteristic is, almost all will immediately say that it is their dedication to their clients. Lawyers all like to say that everything they do is for their clients, and that what truly gives them satisfaction is knowing that they helped someone receive the benefits that they need and deserve. Though this is a heartwarming answer, after hearing it over and over it can become difficult to tell which attorneys are actually the best for you. If all of them want to help you, what sets each one apart from the others? Thankfully, there are certain characteristics in attorneys that you can look for to tell which is the best for you. Here’s what makes a VA disability lawyer in Ohio stand out:

What Makes a VA Disability Lawyer in Ohio Stand Out

1. Knowledge of the law

This is crucial for any attorney, but there is a difference between knowing the law and understanding how to use it to your best advantage to win a case. You can tell which attorneys know the law and which ones really know it by asking one simple question: what sets Ohio apart from the rest of the country when it comes to VA disability benefits, and which local laws will impact your disability claim? The best disability lawyers will explain how your location in Ohio will specifically impact your benefits or your chances of receiving them. This is different from just having a generic knowledge of how disability law works.

2. Dedication and perseverance

These two traits are a bit more difficult to tease out of someone upon first meeting them, but after working with your disability lawyer for a few weeks you can definitely tell whether they possess the dedication and perseverance that makes a VA disability lawyer in Ohio stand out. Gathering evidence and going through the appeals process is not easy, and attorneys should be prepared to not give up easily.

3. Genuine care

This goes back to what was said earlier – attorneys all say that they are working in your best interest. However, you can tell genuine care apart from businesslike politeness, so look for small gestures that show your lawyer is interested in your case and wants to help you.

When a veteran applies for disability services, he or she has to wait six months before receiving a notice, and if he or she is rejected, an appeal can take another six months to two years for it to get to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Even then, getting any news from the BVA usually takes about two years. So, a claim for VA benefits can take up to ten years; meanwhile, life goes on for that Veteran. Bills need to paid, mouths need to be fed, and clothes need to be bought. With a attorney, however, one has a much better chance of winning his or her claim the first time, and here are a few reasons why:

5 Reasons Veterans Need a Disability Attorney in Ohio

1. Knowledge of the Application Process

Hiring a VA lawyer to help with your application is a smart move. This part marks the beginning of the process, so starting on the right foot is important. Your lawyer can help you navigate the paperwork so that you have a better chance of winning your case the first time.

2. Knowledge of the Law

After the paperwork, you will have to present the case in court, so you will need the necessary medical summaries and evidence needed for the case. Furthermore, the attorney will help you argue your case as well. And, he will have knowledge of past cases that can apply to your case.

3. Knowledge of the Appeal Process

If, by chance, your case is rejected, you don’t want to give up. You are going to want to file an appeal. Of course, your lawyer can help you figure that process out as well. Moreover, your attorney can apply past cases to help you win your benefits.

4. Higher Compensation Totals

Your attorney can also make sure you don’t get jibbed. He or she will know how much compensation you deserve, especially if past, successful, cases demonstrate that you deserve more. It is this knowledge that you are really getting when you pay for an attorney.

5. Higher Success Rates

Veterans can choose from myriad of options to help represent or assist them with their case, but those with an attorney by their side have the lowest rejection rate, especially in front of the BVA, at 17.7 percent. Additionally, those with representation also are more likely to have successful appeals, averaging at 32.7 percent. Overall, the numbers don’t lie; an attorney will help your case immensely.

Many disability claims are denied the first time they are processed. Even though you may consider yourself to be disabled, the Social Security Administration (SSA) might not agree. Their standards are strict and adhered to closely. Sometimes claims are denied for other reasons that are easily avoidable with a bit of knowledge and forethought. To have the best chance at having your claim approved, you need to know the possible pitfalls so you can avoid them.

Three Reasons You May Have Been Denied Disability Benefits

You don’t fit the qualification standards
The SSA looks at specific information to determine your qualification for disability benefits. If you do not meet the qualifications, your claim will be denied. Some of the primary factors that will result in a claim denial include:
– You make more than $1,170 per month
– Your condition has not lasted at least one year
– Your condition is not severe enough
– You have not earned enough work credits
– You can work at a job that is related to your former type of employment

You have shown a lack of cooperation
The SSA expects complete cooperation from those who are seeking assistance through disability benefits. If you show a lack of cooperation in any of the following ways, your claim will likely be denied:
– You do not follow the therapies that were prescribed by your medical provider
– You cannot be found when the SSA tries to locate or contact you
– You have provided the wrong documentation to support your case
– You have provided incomplete or inaccurate information
– You refuse to release your medical records to the SSA

Your own actions
Sometimes a disability claim can be denied because of actions that were made by an applicant. If you engaged in the following specific activities your claim will most likely be denied:
– Your disability is a result of drug addiction or alcoholism
– You have been convicted of a crime
– You have submitted a fraudulent claim
– Someone else submitted a fraudulent claim on your behalf
– If the SSA discovers you are already receiving benefits due to a fraudulent claim, the benefits will be revoked immediately.

If you have questions regarding your disability application denial, or if you would like help with an appeal, contact Linder Legal today. Our qualified and experienced attorneys are here to help you get the benefits you deserve.