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What to Look For In A Social Security Disability Attorney

Dealing with the whole court system when fighting for disability insurance is a battle of paperwork and court appearances, and you need someone in your corner fighting for you. Therefore, hiring the right Disability Lawyer will increase your odds of receiving those oh-so-important benefits. You are already dealing with so much that you need a lawyer to simplify the process. But, not all lawyers are created equal. When deciding on your representation, you may want to consider these factors before settling on a lawyer:

What to Look For In A Social Security Disability Attorney

1. What is your experience level?
You of course want an experienced lawyer that is not only aware of all the necessary rules and regulations but how to go around those regulations as well. These things are difficult to teach and can only be picked up with enough experience. Moreover, you should consider asking them about how much experience they have about your specific disability. For this, you may want to shop around before making the final choice.

2. Are you Accredited?
You don’t want just anyone representing you. You want someone who is trained in this field. Therefore, you want someone with the proper accreditation. Ask him or her for his or her credentials. If they refuse, they may not have the proper credits and should not be considered.

3. What is your success rate?
Of course, every situation is different, but knowing that your potential lawyer has some victories under his or her belt should be on the list of factors you are considering. If you have to pick between the lawyer with numerous wins versus numerous loses, you should probably go with the one with the higher success rate.

4. What are your rates and fees?
Obviously, this one is very important to consider. You should also ask what kind of services go into this price such as showing up to court with you, completing paperwork, etc. Don’t assume anything and get in writing to protect yourself.

5, Can I talk to previous clients or read reviews?
Your lawyer can sound like the perfect fit, but then, when you talk to the clients he or she has previously “helped” they may say something to the contrary. Speak to a couple of people, especially if their situation is similar to yours. If your potential candidate doesn’t give you a chance to reach out to them, then he or she may be hiding something. Google and other online entities have taken to publishing reviews online, so make sure to check some out before you choose your attorney.

Whenever you have to deal with the judicial system, it is always prudent to go into such a process with support. It is nerve-wracking enough to be in front of professionals and a judge. You don’t need that stress especially when you are already dealing with an injury or disability. Therefore, this is where a VA Certified Veterans Disability Lawyer comes in handy.

5 Questions to Ask Your VA Disability Attorney in Ohio

An attorney can help you navigate the legal system to ensure you get what is due to you. While an attorney cannot speed up the VA’s decision, it can help diminish the headaches and obstacles on the way. With so many rules, regulations, and formalities, having a lawyer who is knowledgeable in VA law will be a great asset.

While you may not necessarily need a lawyer when first applying for benefits, using a veteran’s service organization to assist you with the application if need be, you may want to consider at least consulting one if you were to get denied and are considering filing an appeal. But, finding the right lawyer is crucial. Therefore, before you settle on a VA lawyer, make sure to ask the prospects these five questions:

1. Are you VA-accredited?
Lawyers are not-one-size-fits-all. Law is a vast universe of regulations and branches; therefore, having a lawyer who is trained and knowledgeable specifically in Veteran’s law. Not all benefit regulations are universal either, so to get the best results, a VA-accredited attorney is your best choice. You maybe even consider asking for documentation of the accreditation. If he or she is reluctant to show you, that may be cause for suspicion.

2. How long have you been practicing veteran’s law?
You want someone who is experienced to get you the benefits you deserve. He or she will have some tricks up his or her sleeve that is only developed through years of practice and performance. Furthermore, experience will allow the attorney to predict whether or not it is worth pursuing an appeal to help you save some money if it wouldn’t be helpful to get an expensive lawyer.

3. When did you last attend a veteran’s law training?
This question will allow you to judge how up-to-date your prospective attorney on the law. Because laws are ever-changing, it is important for your lawyer to put their pride aside and admit they may not know everything there is to know. Therefore, making sure the lawyer you hire knows that correct updates is vital.

4. How long have you been practicing in this area?
Along with experience in VA law, you should ask how long your prospective lawyer has been practicing in the area. If they have been in Ohio for a while, they may have more knowledge of the judges you may be dealing with. Finding an attorney who has that inside scoop can be helpful.

5. Will you represent me all the way through the process?
It’s good to make these terms clear for both parties even if it seems like you both are on the same page. Perhaps drawing up a contract will help protect both of you during the process.

When sending in their applications for Social Security disability benefits, many people feel hopeful and optimistic at first. After all, SSDI or SSI can mean the difference between having a reliable source of income to tide you over while you recover, or not being able to pay for the basic necessities of life because your disability prevents you from working.

How a Lawyer Can Help If You Are Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

Unfortunately, this optimism ends in disappointment more often than not – 67% of initial disability claims are denied by the SSA, which can strike a devastating blow to your hopes for the future. However, it’s important to remember in cases like this that there are still ways you can proceed in order to get the support you deserve – and attorneys are there to make sure that you do not lose hope.

There are several ways that a lawyer can help if you are denied Social Security disability benefits, starting with filing an immediate Request for Reconsideration to have your case reviewed again by a different SSA agent, which may result in a different outcome. Moreover, an attorney will not just utilize the same strategies used before, but will work to understand why your application was initially denied so that you can craft a more convincing case.

If your initial appeal is denied, an attorney will help move the process forward by requesting a hearing before a judge, who will then make a decision after hearing arguments from your lawyer on the merits of your claim. It will be up to your attorney to collect evidence and argue your case in court, which can prove invaluable when you don’t have knowledge of the legal system, or don’t have the time or energy to deal with the evidence and documentation process.

Finally, your lawyer will continue to fight for you at all levels of the appeals process, which escalates to a Court of Appeals if you believe that the decision made in your court hearing was unjust. If this does not work and you have a strong enough case to prove that you were discriminated against in some way when the decision was made, your attorney can file a lawsuit against the SSA in federal court, which is extreme but may end up being the step you need to take.